LPS Mini Adaptor

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Adaptor for LPS Mini for very easy access to all I/O, UART, ISP and power pins. Acts as a bridge between TE Connectivity 5650712-1 (holds LPS Mini) and the standard Arduino Nano footprint.

In most cases this adaptor is of no use except during test and debug. If all I/O is needed on a permanent basis, LPS might be a better choice than LPS Mini.

The adaptor is shipped with one angled 1x6 pin header (UART), one straight 2x3 pin header (ISP), two straight 1x30 pin headers (I/O) and one TE Connectivity 5650712-1 (edge connector). Only the edge connector is soldered in. The rest is up to the user to solder in if needed.

The UART connector mates with FTDI USB TTL Serial Cable TTL-232R-3V3 (not included).

The ISP connector mates with the standard AVR ISP 6-pin header. LPS Mini is shipped with a boot loader accessible via the UART connector, so the ISP connector is most likely never to be used.

If using the power pins: cables are to be preferred. Pin headers will get too close to the antenna.

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