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LPS - Local Positioning System. Indoor navigation system with 10 cm precision. Fully Arduino Nano compatible (not a shield), except that some signals are used internally. 

LPS is delivered with demo firmware that can measure distance between a tag and several anchors. Full source code (Arduino libraries and examples) and schematics are included for free. The user have full access to all radio settings. LPS should thus be considered lab evaluation equipment and not a type approved commercial product.

Outdoor range: Around 200-300m line of sight depending on your propagation environment.
Indoor range: Around 30-50m depending on your walls.
Update rate 1-10 Hz depending on your application.
Accelerometer: LIS2DH.
DIP switch for address setting and configuration.
8-bit ATMEGA328-MUR MCU.
16 MHz crystal.
5V logic levels.
Size: 25x78 mm.
Weight: 10g.

LPS works either in tag or anchor mode. A tag measures distances to anchors in range and outputs accelerometer data and range readings via USB. 3D localisation is then to be made in an external MCU, laptop or e.g. Raspberry Pi. Anchors work stand-alone. Depending on the size of your house three or more anchors are needed to give complete 3D navigation coverage. Data can also be sent via radio instead of USB.

We have had LPS prototypes up and running since February 2015. Large scale deployment was in place at Hayward Gallery in London from May to September 2015, where they were used to navigate robot beds:

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